Welcome to our Yoga Nidra Course & The Science of Deep Relaxation

Where you will learn the transformative power of deep relaxation.

Discover the origins and philosophy of Yoga Nidra, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the physical, mental, and emotional benefits. You will delve into the science, anatomy and physiology of the practice, and explore the effects on the nervous system, brain waves and it's relationship to neuroplasticity. 

Our course will equip you with the tools to create impactful scripts and deliver them in a clear and concise manner. You will learn how to personalize the practice for individuals and groups, and gain the confidence to lead Yoga Nidra classes.

Our program will guide you every step of the way, providing feedback and support throughout your journey. Transform lives with the gift of deep relaxation.

This course is perfect for anyone wanting to deepen their practice and understanding of Yoga Nidra, as well as for yoga teachers, nurses, medical doctors, therapists, trauma informed programs, and a vast range of health and wellness professionals who want to improve lives and better our planet. 

Enroll now and start your journey towards becoming a certified Yoga Nidra and start sharing the gift of Yoga Nidra with the world. 

The full course is available to you via our online platform, with access for one year. Self paced course with articles, videos and audio. 

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Yoga Alliance Accredited 50hr

A note from Nathalie :

" Think of this program as East meets West. It will be an in depth combination of both. Which in my opinion is one of the many awesome things which makes Yoga Nidra so special. 

I have been guiding students in Yoga Nidra for the past decade. As well as I practice Yoga Nidra on a consistent basis and have witnessed so many transformational changes both in my life and with my clients. This is one of the most powerful practices I have ever come across and I am so excited to share with you my extensive research on yoga nidra over the many years, as well as my own energetic gifts on how I guide my sessions and the techniques that I have tested, experienced and seen amazing results while working with clients.

I offer yoga nidra sessions both privately and in group settings : online and in person. 

Now more than ever I find it is the time to dig deep into this magical practice and share it with the world in a much needed time." 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Yoga Nidra Course

    • Welcome to the Yoga Nidra Course

    • Note

    • Prana—Life Force

    • Disclaimer

    • What is yoga nidra

    • The practice of yoga nidra to improve your sleep and stress

    • Who can practice and offer yoga nidra?

    • Benefits of yoga nidra

    • Yoga Nidra and sleep

    • Yoga nidra and the subconscious mind

    • Yoga Nidra | Trauma Healing | Self Regulating

    • Relaxation Nation

    • Research studies conducted on the effects of Yoga Nidra

    • Zoom link for all livestreams

    • Week One Livestream Audio

    • Yoga Nidra Presentation Part I

    • Yoga Nidra Training Manual -Shanti Yoga Training School

  • 2

    Origins of Yoga Nidra

    • Yoga nidra origins and roots

    • Why Yoga Nidra Works

    • Yoga nidra tradition

    • Book Resource

    • Creating a Sankalpa

    • PRATYAHARA | Turning the senses inward

    • Practice : A Simple & Classic Yoga Nidra 20 Minutes

  • 3

    The Nervous System

    • The Parasympathetic Nervous System

    • How the parasympathetic nervous system promotes healing

    • The role of cortisol

    • The Sympathetic Nervous System

    • Continuous activation of the sympathetic nervous system effects

    • Fight or Flight

    • How Yoga Nidra assists the nervous system

    • Practice : Deep Nidra Relaxation | 20 Minutes

  • 4

    Yoga Nidra & Breath

    • Breathwork

    • Natural Breathing

    • Breathing Technique

    • How to Instruct the Breath During a Yoga Nidra Session

  • 5


    • What is neuroplasticity

    • Access to the subconscious mind

    • The power of visualization

    • Creating new neural pathways through visualization

    • Journaling reflections after yoga nidra

  • 6

    Brain waves

    • What are brain waves

    • Gamma waves

    • Beta waves

    • Alpha waves

    • Theta waves

    • Delta waves

    • Yoga Nidra Presentation Part II

    • Yoga Nidra Presentation Part II Audio

  • 7

    The Koshas | Subtle Body

    • What are the Koshas

    • The Annamaya Kosha

    • The Pranamaya Kosha

    • The Manomaya Kosha

    • The Vijnanamaya Kosha

    • The Anandamaya Kosha

    • The relationship of the koshas and yoga nidra

    • The Koshas and Yoga Nidra Presentation

    • Practice : Yoga Nidra Session / Clearing The Koshas - A Journey Into Outer Space

  • 8

    The Chakras & Yoga Nidra

    • Benefits of working with the chakras in yoga nidra

    • The Chakras and Yoga Nidra Presentation

    • The Seven Main Chakras

  • 9

    Yoga nidra tool box

    • Using Your Voice to guide a session

    • Music and yoga nidra

    • Soundbath and yoga nidra

    • Yoga Nidra Technique Presentation One

    • How to use props for a yoga nidra session

    • Incorporating themes in yoga nidra

    • How to prop for yoga nidra

    • Yoga Nidra Short Relaxation Focus 17 Minutes

  • 10

    Yoga nidra scripts

    • Writing an effective and impactful Yoga Nidra script

    • Script length

    • Preparing for practice

    • Setting the space / ground rules before practice

    • Note

  • 11

    Classical Script and yoga nidra technique

    • Script | Yoga nidra technique

    • Yoga nidra classical script

    • Writing a yoga nidra script

    • Technique and Scripts Examples

  • 12

    Visualizations and Scripts

    • Floating

    • I am calm and peaceful

    • I am happy and healthy

    • I Am The Light of a Thousand Suns

    • Birth

    • Drift off to Sleep

    • Sun Connection

    • Relaxation & Emotional Release

    • Cosmic Connection

    • Self Love

    • Spiritual Awakening

    • Gratitude

    • Connecting to Your Ancestors

    • Success

    • Pineal Gland Activation

    • Higher Self

    • 12 Dimensional Shield for Soul Expansion

    • Freedom

    • Cutting Cords

    • Clearing Negative Attachments

    • Emotional Release

    • Health Upgrade

    • Falling Asleep

    • Releasing Negative Energy

    • Guardian Angel

    • Your Guiding Team

    • Akashic Records

  • 13

    Working with Yoga Nidra

    • Ethics and professionalism in yoga nidra setting

    • Ethics and Professionalism in Yoga Nidra

    • Creating healthy boundaries

    • Incorporating yoga nidra into various lines of work

    • Marketing a yoga nidra session

    • Yoga nidra and marketing

    • Offering yoga nidra online

    • Offering yoga nidra in person

    • The secret sauce

    • The secret sauce

    • Action

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