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LIVING LIFE IN LIGHT BOOK, A Yogi’s Journey by Nathalie Croix is more than a memoir and more than a how-to book. Within the pages, lifelong yogi, healer, and spiritual teacher, author Nathalie Croix guides you on the road to health, love, and enlightenment, helping you to discover your inner child, the essence of who you really are. A culmination of decades of study, travel, meditation, and teaching, Living Life in Light offers practical and actionable steps so you can begin practicing yoga on and off the mat and living your life in light today. Croix presents a host of healing techniques, concepts, and tools that assisted her in her own journey and her day-to-day walk in life. A teacher of love, Croix’s practices will transform your body, mind, and spirit and your relationship to the world, life as it is, and others you come in contact with each day.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Forest Bathing

    • Benefits of Forest Bathing & Why You Need to Try It
    • Resources - Books To Check Out
    • Forest Bathing Guided Audio by Nathalie Croix " A Healing Technique"
    • Morning Poem
    • From Tree to Shining Tree by Radiolab
    • Pre - Hike Yoga Sequence
    • Post Hike Yoga Sequence
    • Documentary : The Grounded



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