We Empower Our Trainees To Become The Best Teachers on the planet. 






Our traditional yoga method  is primarily inspired and influenced by Ashtanga Yoga (vinyasa) and Iyengar Yoga (alignment).

Our Yoga School is non-dogmatic, focuses on cultivating a long, healthy and happy yoga practice for practitioners of all levels. 

With focus on both alignment, and  intelligent, creative yoga sequences. 

For a better background on our school, see what our students have to say, we invite you to read our many testimonials on Yoga Alliance. 

It is our perspective that yoga is a practice of balance and equanimity.  

Yoga happens both on and off the mat. 

Through our training we create greater awareness for everyday life by cultivating the many tools of yoga. 

Standing on the shoulders of the past, we respect yoga tradition and history and yet we are open to new discoveries and evolution : knowing that the practice of yoga is ever evolving and growing. 

We honor each student where they are at for yoga is a practice of radical acceptance.

Ascend Wellness and Shanti Yoga TT Hybrid Program Offers... 

One year access online platform +

Six in person weekend workshops at Ascend Wellness Studio in Lafayette, LA.

In person training dates are:

October 7-8

November 18-19

December 16-17

January 20-21

February 17-18

March 2-3


Saturday 1-6PM

Sunday 12-4PM



Students will have access to this online training platform as of October 1st, 2023.

* please know that this training is non-refundable

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Email [email protected]

Payments plans are available upon request via PayPal credit.

N A M A S T E 

"Yoga is a powerful practice, which is here to inform and serve us both on and off the mat. Each student is unique. I encourage my students to approach their practice with inquiry each day and radical acceptance." - Nathalie Croix 

Over 90 Testimonials From Our Graduates

See What Our Students Have to Say

This training is a life changing experience and deepening your practice on so many levels. 

We focus on yoga on and off the mat. 

Yoga as a life style for optimal health and balance. 

How to make better choices on a daily basis, creating new life habits and transforming into a higher quality of life.

Watch Intro Video

Shanti Yoga Training School Video Testimonial

" Yoga should support our life and not be another demand that we put on ourselves. Our practice should cultivate inquiry, sensitivity, and kindness to ourselves." - Maty Ezraty

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome To Your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program

    • About Shanti Yoga Training School

    • Books and Resources to Assist You Along Your Yoga Journey

    • Shanti Yoga Training School - Training Prep List

    • Strategy and Coaching Calls

    • List of Teachers to Practice with Online

    • Reflection | Journal Prompt

  • 2



  • 3

    Course Essentials

    • Skeleton Of Sequence PDF

    • Yoga Asanas Sanskrit & English Names + Class Levels

    • Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series

    • Recommended Films to Watch During Our Program

    • Bonus The LIGHT CODE Mini Book | PDF

    • How to "Make-Up" Missed Hours in Your Program.

    • Reflection | Journal Prompt

  • 4

    History of Our Yoga Lineage

    • Yoga Masters - Krishnamacharya Lineage

    • Patanjali

    • Yoga Sutras Essentials

    • Interview With Maty Ezraty

    • Supported LIFE ON EARTH Podcast Episodes

    • Reflection | Journal Prompt

  • 5

    Sun Salutations | Surya Namaskar

    • Tadasana Versus Samasthiti

    • Why Sun Salutations

    • Surya Namaskar A Video Demo

    • Classical Surya Namaskar A and Surya Namaskar B

    • Asana Lab: Sun Salutation A with Nathalie | Instructional Video

    • Asana Lab : Sun Salutation B with Nathalie | Instructional Video

    • Practice : Tadasana

    • Supported LIFE ON EARTH Podcast Episodes

    • Reflection | Journal Prompt

  • 6

    Yoga Philosophy & Life Style

    • The Yamas

    • The Niyamas

    • The Eight Limbs Of Yoga Workshop

    • Eight Limbs Of Yoga | Philosophy

    • Expanding & Understanding Yoga

    • Reflection

    • Practice : Non Traditional Ashtanga Yoga | 55 Minutes

    • Supported LIFE ON EARTH Podcast Episodes

    • Reflection | Journal Prompt

  • 7

    Sequencing & Teaching a Yoga Class

    • The Art Of Sequencing Video Presentation

    • The Art Of Sequencing - Article by Nathalie Croix

    • Skeleton-Of-Sequence-PDF Please download and save this for your records.

    • Shanti Yoga Blueprint Video Presentation

    • Shanti Yoga Blueprint PDF for Print

    • Shanti Yoga Blueprint - Vinyasa Yoga Sequence - All Levels

    • Why are we told to avoid the transition from neutrals to externals?

    • Practice : Shanti Yoga Blueprint | Finding Your Teaching Voice | Four Hours Workshop

    • Action : Create a One Hour Yoga Sequence

    • Supported LIFE ON EARTH Podcast Episodes

    • Reflection| Journal Prompt

  • 8

    Yoga Anatomy | Alignement

    • Anatomy of the Human Spine

    • Is it better to be flexible or stable?

    • Injury Prevention Video

    • Low Back Pain & Yoga By Nathalie

    • Yoga For Lower Back

    • Externals and Neutrals Transitions In Yoga

    • Practice : Externals Focus Class + Breaking Down Chaturanga Dandasana | 75 Minutes

    • Practice : Exploring Neutrals | Level Two | 90 Minutes

    • Reflection | Journal Prompt

  • 9

    The Subtle Body | Energetics

    • Chakras A Practical Guideline

    • Practice : Balancing The Chakras | Vinyasa Yoga

    • Yoga Nidra & The Five Koshas | Two Hours & Sixteen Minutes Workshop

    • Practice : Yoga Nidra Clearing The Five Koshas | 45 Minutes

    • Yoga Nidra Script PDF

    • Supported LIFE ON EARTH Podcast Episodes

    • Reflection | Journal Prompt

  • 10


    • Meditation Presentation


    • Practice : 30 Minutes Vipassana Meditation

    • Supported Podcast Episodes

    • Reflection | Journal Prompt

  • 11

    Teaching Beginners | Intro to Yoga

    • Teaching beginners - Intro To Yoga

    • Tips For Teaching Beginners

    • The Value of Simple Sequencing

    • How To Teach Beginners + Level One Sequence

    • The Art Of Teaching Beginners | Mini Foundational Yoga Practice | Five Hours Workshop

    • Reflection | Journal Prompt

  • 12


    • Diving Into The World of Inversions Audio Lecture | Two Hours & Thirty Five Minutes Lecture

    • Video Demo of Sirsasana

    • Video Demo of Sarvangasna, Shoulderstand.

    • All About Inversions | One Hour & Forty Minutes Workshop

    • Practice: Viparita Karani

    • Practice : Vinyasa with Inversions Half Handstand Focus | Level Two | 90 Minutes

    • Practice : Inversions Workshop | 75 Minutes

    • Supported Podcast Episodes

    • Reflection | Journal Prompt

  • 13

    Restoratives Yoga

    • Restoratives Yoga Basics

    • Restoratives Yoga Workshop | One Hour & Forty Five Minutes

    • Practice : Restoratives Yoga | 90 Minutes

    • Reflection | Journal Prompt

  • 14

    Pre-Natal Yoga | Introduction

    • Pre-Natal Yoga | First | Second | Third Trimester

    • Pre-Natal Tips Do's & Don't

    • Yoga Sequence Example For Pre-Natal

    • Surya A Pre-Natal Yoga Video Demo

    • Practice : Pre-Natal Yoga Basics + Lecture | Three Hours & Fifteen Minutes Workshop

    • Reflection | Journal Prompt

  • 15

    Different Demographics | Diversity

    • Addressing Different Demographics

    • Modifications In Yoga

    • Sequencing Demographics Workshop | One Hour & Forty Minutes

    • Group Discussion - Modifications In Yoga

    • Practice : Wall Yoga | Two Hours

    • Supported LIFE ON EARTH Podcast Episodes

    • Reflection | Journal Prompt

  • 16

    Ayurveda Introduction

    • Ayurveda Basics

    • Three Gunas

    • Supported LIFE ON EARTH Podcast Episodes

    • Reflection | Journal Prompt

  • 17

    The Business of Yoga

    • Tips on Running a Yoga Business | Video

    • Tips on Running a Yoga Business | Audio

    • The Business Of Yoga

    • Marketing and Branding Online

    • The Yoga Law Book by Cory Sterling | PDF

    • Practice: Advanced Vinyasa Yoga - Level 2/3

    • Practice : Advanced Asana Level 2/3 - A Journey to Bharadvajasana

    • Reflection | Journal Prompt

    • Supported LIFE ON EARTH Podcast Episodes

  • 18

    200 Hour Program Completion

    • Your Final


Nathalie is an author, the host of LIFE ON EARTH PODCAST and the founder and creative director of the Shanti Yoga Training School offering 200 hour and 300 Hour yoga teacher certifications and is an E-RYT 500-hour certified yoga teacher and trainer with YACEP. 

She has a bachelor’s degree in dance and kinesiology and is a long time yoga practitioner, having spent significant time in India. While there, she trained at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute where she studied under the guidance of Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath Jois. 

She later lived and taught for many years in Los Angeles, where she learned and apprenticed from yoga masters such as Annie Carpenter, Seane Corn, Lisa Walford, Maty Ezraty, Shiva Rea, Jasmine Lieb and Ganga White.

 She trained at Yogaworks where she received her 500 Hour level certification and is one of the first to be certified in SmartFLOW Yoga. 

Nathalie leads yoga retreats worldwide and has led a successful Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training School with over one hundred graduate students. 

She been a presenter for Wanderlust Festival and Rasa Lila Yoga Festival.

Nathalie’s passion flows to other projects as well, such as designing jewelry for Aghora Crystals and hosting Life On Earth Podcast.  

She is an avid animal lover, a member of PETA and has contributed and worked together with many rescue animal organizations on various projects. In 2018 she received an Appreciation Award from PETA for exemplary commitment to and support for animals.  

“Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Taken” 

- Oscar Wilde