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"Yoga is a powerful practice, which is here to inform and serve us both on and off the mat. Each student is unique. I encourage my students to approach their practice with inquiry each day and radical acceptance." - Nathalie Croix

About Our 300-Hour Training

In a safe and comfortable environment students will learn hands on adjustments, modifications, how to approach injuries, how to create sequences, how to instruct and set up classes, the purpose of each asana (pose), meditation, pranayama, the importance of Sangha (community), Seva (giving back to the world) and much more.

Professional Program Advanced Training and to know you want to continue with us on this amazing journey, of the self, through the self, to the Self. It is a discovery path. As we continue to dig deeper, there are many treasures to unfold.

“ We Will Face Our Fear And Invoke The Love That Replaces It.”

– Marianne Williamsom

About Your Lead Trainer - Nathalie Croix has dedicated her life to the healing arts, alternative medicine, and meditation. Her training includes four extensive trips to India to study at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute. She is an author, blogger, a SmartFLOW certified teacher, a yoga teacher trainer E-RYT 500 Hour, a Reiki energy healer, a life coach, and the founder of Shanti Yoga Training School. Nathalie is the host of Life On Earth Podcast.


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LIVING LIFE IN LIGHT BOOK, A Yogi’s Journey by Nathalie Croix is more than a memoir and more than a how-to book. Within the pages, lifelong yogi, healer, and spiritual teacher, author Nathalie Croix guides you on the road to health, love, and enlightenment, helping you to discover your inner child, the essence of who you really are. A culmination of decades of study, travel, meditation, and teaching, Living Life in Light offers practical and actionable steps so you can begin practicing yoga on and off the mat and living your life in light today. Croix presents a host of healing techniques, concepts, and tools that assisted her in her own journey and her day-to-day walk in life. A teacher of love, Croix’s practices will transform your body, mind, and spirit and your relationship to the world, life as it is, and others you come in contact with each day.

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Pre-order today and get a special edition with author’s signature and special message to you + a guided clearing chakras balancing meditation from Nathalie.

Free Shipping ( US only).

Release Date : October 1rst

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Energy Healing With Nathalie

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

    Training Resources - Welcome

    • Recommended Teachers / Online Classes + Group Classes
    • Books & Resources
    • Things To Remember When Teaching A Class ....
    • Headspace
    • Sanskrit Practice
    • First Homework
  • 5

    12 D Shield Building Technique ( Meditation) Five Minutes

    • Practice This Meditation : 12 D Shield Energetic Boundary Technique
  • 6


  • 7

    Survival for Teacher Training Guide

    • Survival for Teacher Training Guide
  • 8

    Being Of Service

    • Journaling Questions
  • 9

    Mandatory Films To Watch

    • Instructions
    • Films To Watch During Our Program
  • 10

    Seane Corn Podcast

  • 11

    The Masters

    • Patanjali
    • The Legacy of Krishnamacharya
    • Interview with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois
    • INDRA DEVI - the "First Lady of Yoga"
    • Iyengar
  • 12

    Bonus : UDEMY Online Course

    • My Udemy Course
  • 13

    Yoga Anatomy

    • Anatomy of the Human Spine
    • Yoga Anatomy Books - Ray Long
    • Injury Prevention Video
    • Is it better to be flexible or stable?
    • The Three Planes Of Movement
    • Why are we told to avoid the transition from neutrals to externals?
    • Low Back Pain & Yoga By Nathalie
  • 14

    Tadasana Versus Samasthihi + Why Sunsalutations ? The Yoga Tradition Of Surya Namaskar

    • Tadasana Versus Samasthiti Article
    • Surya Namaskar A With Lino Miele
    • Why Sun Salutations?
    • Surya Namaskar - A Word From Guru Sigh
    • Sun Salutations / Surya Namaskar
    • Sun Salutations - The Meaning and History
    • Why Sun Salutations - My Personal Experience
    • Surya Namaskar A - Sun Salutation A
    • Plank & Chaturanga Dandasana Verbal Cues
    • Plank Pose By Annie Carpenter
    • Chaturanga Video + Articles
    • Chaturanga Risk Factors
    • Join Annie Carpenter for a yoga teacher class on standing poses, filmed at Wanderlust Squaw Valley
    • AHIMSA
    • Journaling : AHIMSA Question
  • 15

    The Kleshas

    • The Kleshas
    • Working With The Kleshas : Video
    • Awaken to Your Potential for Change: The 5 Kleshas
    • Avidya - The Mother of All Kleshas
    • Asmita - Your Ego
    • Raga - Attachment To Pleasure
    • Dvesha - Obstacle of Affliction
    • Abhinivesha - Cling to Life
  • 16

    Nothing Is More Revealing Than Movement ! The Art Of Teaching And Sequencing

    • The Art Of Sequencing - Article by Nathalie Croix
    • Why are we told to avoid the transition from neutrals to externals?
    • Yoga Teachers: How to Find Your Unique Voice (webinar)
    • 5 Common Sequencing Errors
    • Philosophy Corner : AHIMSA
    • Journaling : Attend To Yourself
    • Annie Carpenter: Why we are really doing Yoga
    • Create Effective Yoga Class Themes With Julian Walker
    • Hanuman Chalisa - Chant For You
  • 17

    The Koshas

    • The Koshas - Articles
    • The Koshas
  • 18

    Externals And Neutrals : Body Temple

    • First Sutra : Atha Yoga-Anushasanam
    • Celebrating the Power of the Individual
    • Vinyasa Flow Transitions And How To Safely Navigate Them
    • Annie Carpenter: The Reverberating Voice of the Teacher
    • Annie Carpenter Yoga: Standing Pose Lab "Video"
    • What's possible in your body? Establish external hip rotation as your moving center, sensing the rebound in all directions - Annie Carpenter
    • Neutrals ( Twists) Yoga Sequence - Level 2
  • 19

    Equanimity : Finding Balance

    • Finding Balance Yoga Practice - Sequence
    • Finding Balance - Wisdom and Courage by Kino Mackregor
    • How to Create a Balanced Life: 9 Tips to Feel Calm and Grounded
    • Exercise - Finding Balance In Life For You Today
    • What I know For Sure - Eckhart Tolle Teaching
    • Homework : Read The Book
    • Externals / Neutral Yoga Sequence - Finding Balance
  • 20
  • 21

    Teaching Beginners - Level One Weekend

    • Tips For Teaching Beginners
    • The Value of Simple Sequencing
  • 22

    Ashtanga Yoga

    • Who Was Patanjali?
    • Eight Limbs of Yoga
    • The 8 Limbs of Yoga explained
    • Yoga Sutra 1.1
    • “Now begins the study of yoga.”
    • The Power of Concentration
    • Primary Series Ashtanga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois / video
    • Eight Limbs Of Yoga By Nathalie
  • 23

    Exploring The First Chakra : Muladhara - Connecting With Our Instincts - Get Up I Stand Up

    • Exploring The First Chakra
    • Example of Root Chakra Class : Sequencing, Affirmations, Essential Oils, Crystals, Quotes
    • Grounding the Human Body: The Healing Benefits of Earthing
    • Documentary : The Grounded
    • What Is "Earthing" And " Grounding " ?
    • Philosophy Corner : Satya
  • 24

    Exploring The Second Chakra : Swadhisthana - Sacrum - FLOW

    • Intro to Second Chakra
    • Awaken Your Creativity Chakra: Svadhisthana
    • Chakra Tune-Up
    • ASTEYA
    • 3 Ways to Practice Asteya (Non-Stealing) on Your Mat
    • How to Practice Asteya: Non-Stealing of Others’ Time
  • 25

    Open Your Heart - Third & Fourth Chakra / Backbends

    • Open your heart
    • Alignement In Backbends
    • Backbends and Yoga
    • Chakra Three - Manipura by Anodea Judith
    • Chakra Four - Anahata by Anodea Judith
  • 26

    Fifth I Sixth I Seventh Chakra & Restoratives Yoga

    • Chakras 5 , 6, 7 by Anodea Judith
    • Ishvara Pranidhana: The Practice of Surrender
  • 27

    Yoga Nidra

    • Teaching Yoga Nidra
    • One hour of Yoga Nidra is equal to 4 hrs of ordinary sleep
    • Benefits of Yoga Nidra
    • Yoga Nidra Article
    • Yoga Nidra Basic Script
    • How to Create a Sankalpa
    • YOGA NIDRA - Audio Practice For You FREE PREVIEW
    • Yoga Nidra Audio Session : 20 Minute Guided Meditation
  • 28

    Abhyasa & Vairagya

    • Exploring Advanced Asana Practice
    • Playing the Edge - by Erich Schiffmann
    • List Of Poses And Philosophy Terms In English And Sanskrit
    • Journaling Questions
    • Why Do We Practice Advanced Asana?
    • Prajñā (Hinduism)
    • Abhyasa And Vairagya
  • 29

    Inversions : Active & Passive / Sun & Moon

    • Sirsasana
    • Sirsasana article by Marla Apt
    • Sirsasana - Ten Steps To Your First Headstand
    • Sirsasana Video with Annie Carpenter
    • Yoga Classes Iyengar with teacher Marla Apt
    • Interview with BKS Iyengar
    • 6 life lessons from B K S Iyengar, the pioneer who took Yoga global
    • A Beginner-Friendly Inversion: Shouldstand
    • 7 Benefits Of Shoulderstand
    • Sarvangasna, Shoulderstand Asana with Yoga Teacher, Annie Carpenter - YogaEarth
    • Viparita Karani (waterfall pose) Audio with Annie Carpenter
    • Legs Up The Wall Pose by Yoga Journal
    • 7 Steps to Defy Gravity and Balance In Handstand
  • 30


    • Yoga Sequence Example For Pre-Natal
    • Pre-Natal Tips Do's & Don't
  • 31

    Restoratives Yoga - Articles

    • Restorative Yoga : Readings & Articles
  • 32

    Pranayama - A Beautiful Form Of Breath Control

    • Durga with Annie Carpenter
  • 33

    Tea Ceremony

  • 34

    How To Heal Your Body - Edgar Cayce

    • Edgar Cayce How to Heal Your Body [FULL VIDEO]
  • 35


    • The Three Gunas
    • Ayurveda- Complete Wellness with Henri Folse - Audio
  • 36
  • 37

    Teaching Private Yoga Sessions

    • Privates
  • 38

    The Business Of Yoga

    • " Mastering The Business Of Yoga"
  • 39


    • Branding Yourself
    • You Are Your Authentic Brand By Nathalie Croix
    • Your Mission Statement & More...

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